"the value market place"


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Everything offered for exchange or trade is a CURRENCY.  When making an offer, take into consideration that all currencies are
not equal in value. Balance the value of what you have against what you want. Remember, value for value.

Significant amounts of all types of real estate are exchanged at our marketing sessions. Because of this, the moderator will
restrict the amount of time available for "show and tell" type real estate discussions. To be successful in trading real estate,
you may want to take a real estate course or employ a real estate specialist.  Mistakes in real estate transactions could be
extremely costly.

Currency Land is usually land that probably is not usable for anything in the immediate future. This category of land is usually
purchased at tax sales from the state or county for a small amount of money.  Sometimes this land doesn't even exist in any
form other than a manufactured deed.  Because of this, the land is of questionable value.  However, I know of Currency Land
that is acquiring value with development.  Beware when dealing with currency land.

Time-shares are valuable to some and of little value to others.  Time-shares are a common currency at our sessions.  When
dealing with time-shares, ask a lot of questions.  Know what you are getting.

Quality property, which is good real estate, becomes more complicated.  When exchanging for a piece of quality real estate,
such as income property and property in prime locations, you must bid something of comparable value.  Remember you
probably won't make a successful bid if you overinflate the value of your bid.

Most of the problems with real estate are with the
deeds.  Make sure you understand the different types of deeds: Quitclaim;
Warrantee, Deed of Conveyance, Trust, etc.  Beware of unrecorded deeds.  With unrecorded deeds, the buyer's section is left
blank, the property could have been exchanged for years without being recorded.  Frequently, when these deeds are submitted
for recording, it is determined that the land is not owned by the person who just signed the deed.  Take into consideration
whether you require title insurance, any pertinent local laws and regulations in the state where the property is located, etc.  In
real estate transactions, negotiate the title you will accept and make sure you have complete supporting documentation.

The same rules of trading value for value apply to bids on vehicles such as cars, airplanes, boats, other watercraft, etc. You can
not expect to make an exchange unless the equities are comparable.  For example: a bid of currency land, undocumented art,
unappraised gem stones or any other item of questionable value will usually not be accepted in exchange or trade for a car with
a resale value of several thousand dollars...

Art is a popular currency at The NATIONAL MARKETING SESSIONS©. The art usually varies in value and quality, ranging from
outstanding fine art, to posters, and to not so valuable art pieces.  Again you should make sure the value is not over inflated.

Original signed art, framed or unframed, with or without all the paper work, is an excellent currency in the market. (However,
remember there are probably more forgeries in art than in any other currency.) Other fine or decorative art includes the fiber arts
and fine art crafts.  Although the distinction between fine art crafts and crafts is not always clear, both remain good currencies at

Sculptures are made from metal, clay and other materials. Sculpture is another valuable currency in this market place.  Be
warned that sculpture is also ripe for forgery and deception.  For example, there are no original Frederick Remington bronzes
available for sale, trade, or exchange.  All Remington’s are either in private collections or museums.  However, there are
numerous re-strikes in the market place, and these are still valid currencies when valued accordingly.

Limited Edition Prints
are also an excellent currency.  Authentic signed editions are the most valuable.  You might want to
consider unsigned prints to be the same value as posters.  And, remember limited edition prints are, by custom, signed and
numbered in pencil - NOT INK.   Also consider the quality of the paper.  Usually limited editions are on quality paper, however,
there are some exceptions for some known artists whose work is considered collectible.

Posters. Some posters, when signed by the artist, have a value to some collectors. Posters are also valuable as decorative
items.  A poster is a poster whether signed or not and should not be confused with fine art.  Be advised some posters are
signed, numbered, matted and framed to give them the appearance of art or limited edition prints.
S. H. Barrett, Inc., other moderators and employees working a session, including "Spud" Barrett, hereby openly state that they
are not responsible for any actions or values or bids by any individual attending any of the programs at our NATIONAL
MARKETING SESSIONS©.  In addition, S. H. Barrett, Inc., other moderators and employees working a session, including "Spud"
Barrett, do not endorse any exchanger, or any exchange made, at any NATIONAL MARKETING SESSIONS©.  .  All "Offerors" and
"Bidders" are hereby warned that the principal of "Buyer Beware" does apply within these sessions. You, the "Offeror" or
"Bidder", make all decisions based solely upon your own judgment, from what you have heard and seen about the item you are
bidding on or the person who has offered it for trade or exchange.   Remember, everything and anything that is legal, ethical,
and moral is a valid currency.

Trade club credits are often traded at our NATIONAL MARKETING SESSIONS©.  Trade clubs potentially provide unlimited
opportunities for the exchanger and trader. There are too many different types of trade clubs and trade club options to explain
here. But basically, Trade club credits are units available for the club member to spend, the same as dollars.  Members of trade
clubs do pay fees when credits are used.  The value of a trade club credit is determined by the strength of the issuing club,
what's available with the credit, and the business history of the trade club. For more information and details, talk to one of the
many trade club owners, operators and/or brokers, many of which attend our marketing sessions quite frequently.  Many trade
club members also attend our NATIONAL MARKETING SESSIONS©. Talk to some of the club members to help you assess the
value of a trade club.

Diamonds are the gemstone that attracts the most attention in our sessions.  As long as a fair appraisal accompanies a decent
stone, a diamond is a good currency.  Make sure you know the grading system used for diamonds and the credentials of the
appraiser.  At our sessions, most of the diamonds are of commercial grade.

Investment Gems are not common at our sessions.  Although sometimes we have had diamonds, rubies, emeralds and
sapphires offered.  These stones come with GIA certificates and registered numbers.  This documentation is not an appraisal.

Currency Gems are a popular commodity and frequently outnumber other forms of currencies.  Most currency gems are
commercial quality, but there can still be a wide range in quality.  A large number of currency gem dealers are honest people
whom happen to use currency gems as their primary currency.  Look for realistic, not over inflated, values and good appraisals,
and the credibility of the dealer...  An appraisal is only as good as the person who makes the appraisal.  Make sure that the
appraisal is an original and not a modified copy.  Also, recognize that most appraisals state that they are for insurance or
replacement value only.  Once again, the buyer must beware!!!!

Good jewelry excites many people, especially the women.  Look for quality jewelry with a realistic value and be cautious when
dealing with jewelry.  Look carefully for deceptions.  However, jewelry exchanged at a reasonable value is extremely popular for
personal collections or fast exchange for cash.

Script is a due bill for services or merchandise and can be used in the issuing establishment the same as cash.  Restaurant
and Hotel Script is quite commonly traded at our marketing sessions.  Make sure of the value of the script and the credibility of
the offeror.

Miscellaneous merchandise, new and old, good and bad, large and small, separate or in lots is another popular form of currency.

Most artifacts, particularly American Indian items, are good currencies.