"the value market place"

Rules and Guidelines

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1) No monetary value may be given on any offer or bid.  Offers and bids are made and accepted based on what a participant
perceives the value to be.

2) Marketing session admissions are by invitation only with a remittance of a $100.00 fee, payable in cash prior to the event.
There are no group admissions.  No visitors are allowed.  However, nonparticipating significant others are welcome to
accompany a paid participant. Significant others may not participate in any of the trading and/or exchanging activities.  Anyone
not adhering to this will be charged a full admission fee: NO ONE WITHOUT A NAME TAG WILL BE ALLOWED TO
TRADE OR EXCHANGE DURING THIS SESSION.  We cannot accept trades in exchange for admission.  There are no
exceptions to the cash fee for participation in the NATIONAL MARKETING SESSION© policy.

3) Active participants are either: (a) - the Offeror, i.e., the person with the item at the top of the board; or (b)-  the Bidder.
Active participants will be issued name tags upon receipt of the admission fee.

4) The Offeror controls the board in that he has the right to select or reject any bid for his offer.  The offered package must be
bid on in its entirety. Items can't be bid back.

5) Item(s) may be bid back when bidding on a Bidder's package

6) Bidders must take the items they bid on if the bid is accepted.  This is subject to the conditions in "9" below.

7) Participants must own or have 100% control of the items they offer or bid.  Unless otherwise stated, participants must be
able to deliver when their bid is accepted.

8) The Offeror may reject any and all bids.

9)All trades or exchanges are subject to inspection and approval of all parties involved in the transaction.

10) Upon approval by the moderator, an Offeror may duplicate his package and, if so stated, he may get continued picks up to
the extent of duplication in his offer.

11) Packages of the Offeror or Bidder are limited to four items.

12) A Bidder may bid a package on more than one item on the board only if he has an exact duplicate of the bid package.

13) The package at the top of the board cannot be broken up.  A bid must be for the entire package.

14) Bids under the top of the board can be split up: i.e., individual items in a package can be bid on.

15) All bids are up and all trades are down.  No one has to accept anything he did not bid on.

16) If a sweetener is a restricted item, the sweetener applies only if the Bidder gets what he bid on.  The moderator must be
notified at the time the sweetener is added.

17) Firearms, alcohol, securities, stock  certificates or pornography cannot be offered for trade or exchange at any marketing
session. The moderator and/or the traders govern all other currencies.

18) When the board is open for trading, we will have only one meeting.  Please hold all conversation until break times between
boards.  We allow time between boards for individuals to complete deals, negotiate side deals and have other discussions.

19) The marketing sessions are conducted in a smoke, drug, profanity and alcohol free environment.

20) We will not tolerate offensive, objectionable, and/or illegal behavior.  At his sole discretion, the moderator will ask an
offender to leave.  Should this happen no fees will be refunded and the offender will not be readmitted at a later time.

21) The moderator controls the floor and the entire session.  At his discretion, the moderator retains the right to ask some one to
leave.  In such a situation the participant forfeits the full admission fee.

22) We are not responsible for your trading activities and actions.  Who you trade with, or the currencies you exchange and
trade are your business and your responsibility.  This is a BUYER BEWARE environment. If you aren't sure what you're getting,
don't take it.  Don't give your item without receiving an item in exchange.
If you have any questions, please ask us!